European Adventures | Versailles: Le Château

 Even looking back at the pictures I can't believe my eyes. Versailles is GORGEOUS.
Its extravagance and elegance cannot be denied. There isn't a single corner of the palace that isn't filled with intricate detailing. If Versailles doesn't take your breath away, nothing will.
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So many florals (for spring? Groundbreaking.)
"To all the glories of France"
As an American it's so strange for me to think about how old everything in Europe is. There are buildings here built before Europeans even came to the Americas, before the United States was even thought of as it's own country. It's astonishing to think about how young the US is in comparison to Europe. 
Then I think about the fact that people actually lived here. Can you believe it? They carried out their (royal) daily lives in this striking palace. It's mind blowing, really. Versailles and all of its history just doesn't seem real, it's like out of a storybook or something. 

- Jess


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