1989 World Tour!

Last night was the greatest night of my life.
How can anything else compete?!
I got to see my favorite person sing my favorite songs and there were 14,999 other people there also having the greatest night of their lives.
Look at that Columbus native on the big screen playing instruments for Tay. I aspire to be you, sir. 
I'm pretty sure if you talk to me or even see me for more than 2 seconds you will know that Taylor Swift is my favorite human on this earth. It's the truth. I'm not ashamed. I'm sitting here admiring my 1989 phone case as we speak (write? read?).
I know that not everyone feels that way and it's okay to be wrong sometimes. You'll come around. Everyone does (looking at you people who jumped on the bandwagon after this ICONIC album).
Loving him was RED & we were all RED. DEAD.
Anyway, on to what is important.
This is the third time I have seen her in this same arena (RIP Speak Now tour that I missed *sobs*) and I am in love with every second of all three shows.
Her tours are the only time that I LOVE surprises.
I didn't look up anything about the show; I unfollowed all of the Taylor tumblrs (except hers, duh); I ignored all of the buzzfeed articles, no matter how enticing; I refused to listen to Emily when she tried to tell me spoilers. There is NOTHING like the anticipation of what is happening next at Taylor's shows because I know that I will never be disappointed.
However, I did know one thing, the only spoiler I let Emily tell me:
Listen, Enchanted is my all time favorite song. It has changed my life, honestly. #tb to above where I say that I missed the Speak Now tour. That means that I have never heard Enchanted live and it's all I've ever wanted. During the RED tour I tweeted and tweeted and tweeted Taylor to play it in Columbus, but alas she played it the night before in Louisville *insert tears*.
But my time has come!
I had been looking forward to the Wildest Dreams/Enchanted mashup since the tour started. I actually cried (more like sobbed) every time she sang Enchanted. Yes girl, last night was sparkling and I will not let it go.
I'll see you again, Tay.
If you are going to the 1989 World Tour, be prepared. The light up bracelets are the greatest. You will be dancing, it'll happen even if you don't want it to. You must know all of the words to every Taylor Swift song ever. Everyone else will know them and you never know what song she will play. Then, when you know all of the words and you are screaming along just know that you will hurt the next day, but you won't regret a second. Even if you think you know what's going to happen, you don't. 

Here's what I wore to see the queen: 
(I cannot count on my fingers and toes how many times people told me/commented like I couldn't hear that I look like her. I know. Thank you. It's not on purpose, but it works.)

Casual pole coming out of my head there...
Hat: H&M
Sunglasses: Topshop (similar)
Top: Pitaya
Jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Plato's Closet


- Jess


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