The Global Goals

PS washable markers... not very washable
Today is International Day of Peace.
I don't think there's a more perfect day to talk about the Global Goals and the goal that I care about (although all of them are so important for sustainable development and changing the world for the better, what a lofty goal).

First, what are the Global Goals?
On September 25 (that's this Friday!) world leaders from 193 countries will commit to complete 17 goals in 15 years. Their ultimate goal is to accomplish 3 things:
1. End extreme poverty
2. Fight inequality and injustice
3. Fix climate change
This seems impossible, and in 2000 world leaders made a similar commitment, The Millennium Development Goals, and not all of the goals were met. A lot of the new goals are the same. To me, this just means that we need to work even harder to make sure our leaders and everyone is held accountable and works hard.

My goal is #16: Peace & Justice
ALL of the Global Goals are important, but I think #16 is the foundation that we need. Without the right institutions how can we even imagine solving other problems? Strong institutions, foundations, will support the rest of the goals.

Pick your goal and share it with every human you've ever come in contact with.
Post it on facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter, tumblr. Everywhere.
Make the goals famous.
(use #GlobalGoals)

- Jess


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