Dinner at Bareburger

My brilliant friend Muyao and I love to try new restaurants and foods in Columbus & she looooves to photograph it. Yesterday we went to Bareburger for dinner and OMG my life is now changed for good, for the better.
Everything about the restaurant was absolutely perfect: the atmosphere, the staff, THE FOOD.
The food is all organic & non-GMO & all of the other things that you want (& none of what you don't want aka chemicals).
 This is where everything you want in life comes together to create the perfect experience. If you're in Columbus (& I think New York too) get your butt down to Bareburger. Your stomach will thank you.
El Matador
I sandwich mountain had a bison patty, queso fresco (*cheese & heart eyes emojis*), guacamole, pico de gallo, some lettuce (a green leaf?), & probably more delectable amazingness.
This is my burger soul mate.
The Supreme
& now we meet Muyao's sandwich mountain. This has everything you could ever associate with burgers and America on it: fries, onion rings, bacon, cheese, beef, etc. OMG. 

Also going to mention the fries & onion rings because they are also *heart eyes.*

Basically: Bareburger is a 15/10 & I will be back in the very near future.

- Jess

*All pictures taken by the one and only Muyao (check out her insta linked in her name above)*


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