Tyler Oakley & Binge | Book Review

Binge by Tyler Oakley came out on Tuesday. I bought it on Thursday when he happened to be doing a signing/picture thing/meet & greet at the OSU bookstore. I had to work that day when wristbands were being given out, I didn't think I'd get to see him, hear his laugh irl, or thank him for creating what I live for: his witch's rap video. #iconic

Well.... this happened.
Enough black & white? Never.
 You know something or someone was looking out for me because after work there were still wristbands left. YAS.

I finished reading Binge today & Tyler, thank you for sharing your world with all of us.
I have been following your adventures for a long time and there are so many surprises in Binge
Tyler indulges us with so many stories from his life, some he brought his people along for & others that we are just finding out about now. I felt for him during the retellings of life in the Midwest; it was all too relatable. I couldn't control my cackling when I read the chapters "Crash Course" & "If You Can't Beet 'Em." 
& at times there were tears, many of them, because someone who always seems to light up the world with his online presence isn't always smiling. I know that Tyler is human, but it hurts me to know how bad he hurt. Read Binge and you'll understand.
Main lesson learned: we're all only human & FULL of flaws, but flaws are cool.

Thanks, @tyleroakley. Binge = 10/10, definitely recommend

- Jess


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