A Night in with One Direction

Quick life update: This post is awkwardly a week after the event because 1. I've been moving/attempting to get my life together and 2. I haven't had wifi and my computer in the same place for a week. It's been rough. 
So, here's what it was like to have One Direction grace a stage in one of your favorite places and realize that it's the beginning of the end mere days before what is essentially the end is officially announced (called it).

This was the third time I've seen 1D in concert, all at different venues and very different crowd sizes. The only thing that was the same was that I bought my ticket aaaaaages in advance, like over a year sometimes (I am so dedicated). I've seen them in sold out arenas and stadiums and not so sold out stadiums, as a band of five and now a band of four, as teeny boppers and now kind of more grown up. The past five years have been a roller coaster.
I'm usually told that I'm 'too old' to like 1D or something equally absurd, but the truth is: all of them are older than me (if only by a few months, hey Harry ;)) However, most of their fanbase is weirdly young considering what they sing about (usually sex). They just get away with it because it's not explicit (until the concerts WOW) and it is pretty vague unless you're older and understand the underlying message. Mix that with how absolutely amazing they all look and sound and it's a recipe for success.

At least it was until recently. 2015 has really tested 1D. They've lost a member and had a whole slew of other scandals (some confirmed, others we're still a bit unsure of, most rumors). Maybe their antics just aren't enough to support their boyband image anymore? While some parents are dishing out money for floor seats for 6 year olds, others probably aren't into the scandals and scandalous material (I'm not opposed to it though, something interesting has to happen on twitter, right?).

I always thought 1D was at least a bit respectful of how young their audience is, until this tour. WOW. 
There was so much that was not tiny children age appropriate and I LOVED it! I'm hoping they've realized that their real success is in the broke, kind of grown up, college student. We're allowed to curse and be crude, but we also can't afford concert tickets that are hundreds of dollars, all because our parents aren't around. 

Here's why 1D is so grown up:
prepare yourself

1. Ohmygod, ohmygod you guys: there were curse words.
It's only been a matter of time until the places were curse words were actually the word instead of a not so vague sound. Midnight Memories really showed that Niall is actually the one with the dirty mouth.

2. There was so much emphasis on their... nether regions?
Like so much.
Niall basically stroked himself during Better Than Words and it was the focal point of the big screen (ty camera man) and so many thrusts. Pretty sure it's their signature "dance" move at this point. & again all of it was the focus of the big screen.

3. They are so over What Makes You Beautiful. 
At this point everyone in the world knows the lyrics, so why should they have to sing it when the crowd can for them? Answer: they don't. The crowd does sing for them.

4. They just look so grown up and different from the tiny children they were 5 years ago.
Exhibit A: Harry's luscious locks. They've always been luscious, but now they're a mature luscious. 
(I don't know what I'm saying either, they're just great, 10/10)
See for yourself:
To whoever (whomever?) made the black & white decision: you did good.
Niall has grown up.
Does the "hiatus" mean that Harry is more approachable now? (Yes.)
 If you don't already have tickets for any of their shows that are left, you can probably get them (or did the hiatus announcement suddenly spike sales again?). Do it. It's a good show, you won't regret it (especially if you can get $15 groupons).
If you do get tickets, or already have them, don't forget to check the twitter hashtags for your show. People plan cute things for each one (that time I should have worn blue to Detroit or brought a paper heart to Columbus) and you feel really awkward/a bit dumb for missing out.

& to all of my fellow directioners: I understand. :'(

- Jess

Side note: if anyone who happens to read this and also performs in Columbus, learn the correct OH-IO thing and how to do it. It's very simple. You scream OH, everyone will respond with IO. Harry didn't get it and it was very awkward and just a weird screaming moment. I don't want the same for you. You're welcome in advance.


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