Wildest Dreams | music video

First... FINALLY!
It's been a long wait for this music video, since October last year when the album came out.
Wildest Dreams is the BEST.
Taylor Swift, you've out done yourself, if that's even possible.
The wait for the video and watching it, it was all a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. 
Tay is the queen of suspense.

"Girl, you are flawless." - me to that giraffe (& Tay)
The rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions explained in the order they happened:
1. #teambasiccable waiting for the video, constantly refreshing tumblr because they'll know everything first.
2.. Why did everyone say this video was coming out at 8pm and it is 8:45 and the whole world is still waiting?!
3. Of course it premieres at 8:57... *insert unimpressed emoji*
4. I'm not ready. This is going to be too good.
6. Is that Nars Dragon Girl you are wearing?
7. The brunette wig has improved from You Belong With Me.
8. Scott Eastwood *heart eyes for days*
9. I suddenly need a yellow ball gown to flow in the wind behind me and my giraffe.
10. That second verse though. #flawless 
11. She probably picked Scott for this video so she could shamelessly make out with him. Clever.
12. #tbt to cray Tay in Blank Space.
13. We are halfway through the song and I still don't understand... is it all a dream or?
14. There's no way her hair is that tame in that plane.
15. That dress again! I'm in love.
16. She is too close to that lion (while casually showing off her flawless legs).
17. #randomweathermontage
18. Hindsight is 20/20.
19. Were we always on a movie set and not in Africa?
20. HE HAS A WIFE! #scandalous & #awk
21. Like did she not know that he was married? C'mon, girl.
22. Goodbye Scott Eastwood.
23. I think I like the fan made remake of Style video better for this song... unpopular opinion?

What a night.

- Jess

Countdown to when I get to see Taylor live: 17 days!
Is this real?!


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