Coachella FOMO

Coachella weekend 1 is over and guess who wasn't there.

I have major FOMO.
Fear of missing out, if you don't know.

I understand, not everyone can go. It's in California at the end of the semester, so it's unlikely that I'll ever go while in school, but there's still the want to go. Every. Year.
This year is especially hard for me to miss out on because STROMAE WAS THERE.
He is my (and arguably the world's) favorite francophone artist. He is everything and more.

Here he is. (Thanks Rolling Stone)
Thankfully, Coachella has this fancy livestream (it was a thing last year, but not sure about any other time) so I didn't miss all of his set. 
I did miss Papaoutai and everything after because I have terrible internet. I may or may not have cried.
Papaoutai is the best.

I strongly encourage everyone to check him out on youtube. The more recent videos have English subtitles, so that is helpful, but the artistry can be appreciated without fully understanding the language. I promise! 
He's on tour in North America this summer and I won't see him (it's bittersweet that I'll be in France). 

The FOMO is real (more for Stromae than Coachella).

- Jess

Tamiya Tuesday: Tamiya doesn't like living in a dorm. The people are immature and she is too mature. There are only 3 weeks left in the semester, you can last!

Stromae's real name is Paul and he is 6'5". Wow.


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