How to study for finals

I'll be the first to admit that I don't actually know how to study.
It's hard.
What's the proper way to get all of the knowledge that you've "learned" into your head in the way that your professor wants it? What's the best way to get an A?
I have no idea.
However, I do have some tips on how to make finals week and all of the studying at least bearable, even if it's still just as confusing.

1. Find a place where you love the atmosphere, but you can still focus on your work.

Finding a place to study is like finding a place to live, at least for the next week. It's important to love where you're going to be spending most of your time. When I study, I need windows and open space; I don't want to feel suffocated. Thompson Library is my perfect studying sanctuary.

2. Remember you have books.

I don't usually read during the semester. It's a bad habit and I could probably do so much better in my classes if I did, but it's the truth. I'm terrible at keeping up with the readings, especially if I'm not constantly tested on them. I wish I could say I kicked this habit this semester, but I didn't. Instead I found books in the library. 
Textbooks are useful when it comes to studying because the information they contain is exactly what professors are looking for.
However, if you're like me and you have more research papers than tests, remember that books exist. The internet is great, but sometimes looking through the stacks and smelling the old books (I love that smell!) and flipping pages is refreshing. And you may find something that isn't on the internet.

3. Treat yourself.

When I study I like to give myself tiny rewards when I make progress (especially if it involves reading about politics, ugh). Chai lattes are my favorite reward (and drink of all time). If I've already had a long day, but I know I still need to head to the library and crack open the books I'll get myself a treat. It helps me get in a better mood for more long hours without fun. 

4. Get inspired.

Getting an education isn't something everyone in the world has the opportunity to do. All of us who are lucky and privileged enough to go to university should be thankful for our opportunity. We have the chance to inspire and teach others, but we shouldn't forget that we can still grow too. Universities are full of inspiration, whether it comes from other hardworking students around us or our surroundings. Even after we graduate we are still learning. 
Don't let finals get you down. You're going to do great and you're going to feel so much smarter afterwards as well!

Happy finals week and good luck! 

- Jess

Tamiya Tuesday: Tamiya is suffering from finals, just like the rest of us. Send her love.

All photos taken in Thompson Library at the Ohio State University by me.


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