Hi! I'm Jess. This will be the third time I've tried this blog thing. Third time's the charm, right?
I like the blog idea. I like being able to keep up with people (who I know and who I might not know) on my own time. I wouldn't say I 'failed' at my other blogs, but I wasn't doing them for the right reasons. It was the "Oh, look at this cool girl. She gets all this stuff and so many people love her!" type thing. Not today. Today, I don't care what people think (mostly true) and I'm doing this for me, as an archive of my life and because it's cheaper than buying a bunch of pretty journals.

In the past I was terrible at keeping up with posts and I would just forget for months that I had this, but I'm giving myself 2-3 posts that I will definitely do every week. So, here it goes: 

#1: My week on instagram: @jess_mccune

Yesterday, I had my first buckeye donut from Buckeye Donuts and OMG!
I'm in love.
If you aren't from Ohio or you're just unaware what a buckeye is, it's perfection.
A peanut butter ball covered in chocolate, and these are the same, except in donut form. It's impossible to go wrong.

March Madness is over tomorrow. My March Madness was over yesterday. :'(
I was born and raised a Kentucky Wildcat (in Ohio, a technicality). 
The Wildcats were on their way to a perfect 40-0 season and their 9th NCAA National Championship when they couldn't handle it against Wisconsin. I, and all other UK fans, am crushed. It was one hell of a season and one hell of a game that I'm glad I was around for. Wisconsin deserved to win though, they played a good game.
I'll just keep in mind that UK basketball is still the winningest (a real word) college basketball program in history. (C-A-T-S! CATS! CATS! CATS!) 

And now, it's Easter. Yesterday we had a Spring Egg-stravaganza ft. Bunny Muyao.
Today I had brunch with some of my sisters at Northstar and let me tell you, that mushroom frittata is to die for. 10/10, do recommend.

Thanks for caring enough to get down here.
Have a happy Easter! 
(or other Spring holiday or regular Sunday)

- Jess  


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