Sometimes I'm not sure the things happening to me are real.
This happens when something really good happens and something really bad.
Today is good! (So good!)

It's almost the end of the semester, which means lots of projects and papers and worries. It also means planning for the summer. I've a feeling that this will be my best summer yet because....

Is this real?!
Remember when I thought the closest I would get was Epcot?
I've been studying French for 6 years and I never thought I would actually get to go there. I booked my flight and I'm ready to go. 
Honestly, I'm terrified and nervous and worried. I've never been outside of the US and I've never traveled alone before. So many new things at the same time!

 I'll be using this space to document my travels when that time comes around. Until then, I'll be trying to finish my million projects before the semester is over. 

This is where I'll be until May...
- Jess

Tamiya Tuesday: Last week Tamiya was studying hard for a bunch of tests and avoiding me and my sickness. Good luck on your tests Tamiya!


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