National Sibling Day

Apparently today is National Sibling Day.
Who decides these things?

I've searched far and wide for a recent picture of my brother, sister, and me. The most recent one I could find was taken 3 years ago! It's from my high school graduation. That's definitely not the last time we were together, but the last time we got a proper photo. This is so crazy to me because we've all changed SO MUCH since then.
None of us are the same person we were 3 years ago.

I'm now challenging myself to take pictures more. On the rare occasions that everyone finds time to be together, it'll be great to have a photo to look back at. Other families do that, right? 
Join in with me and take more photos (of everything!). Some people think it's silly to always be taking pictures of food and pretty buildings, but why is it? Why is it silly to want to document the beauty you'll be passing by?
Have a good weekend!

- Jess

French Friday: étudier - to study (what I'll be doing until May)


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