In a beach daze

I've never enjoyed going to the beach. I have fair skin and blue eyes and I don't mix well with a lot of sun. It's never been fun to sit out in the heat or swim in dirty lake water (it's all we have in Ohio). When I first got to France I planned on only going to the beach once because I had to be able to say I swam in the Mediterranean Sea.

Boy, was I shocked when I LOVED being at the beach here.

Pirates or ice cream?
We always go to Carnon Plage because it's so close to Montpellier. It's only a tram ride and a walk away. We go at least once a week.
I'm pretty sure there is science behind why I love the beaches here better than in the US. It definitely has to do with being further from the equator (that makes the sun weaker, right?). Even though the sun is weaker, it can still beat my skin any day. My greatest accomplishment on this trip is not getting sunburned. Forget learning French, not turning into a tomato every day is a miracle.

I have 1 beach essential. If you go to the beach with nothing else, you'll still be fine, but this you need:

Nivea keeps my skin safe & healthy.
 You might think you're safe because you "just tan," but the sun is a real danger for everyone. Your skin is there to protect you, but if you're damaging it with the sun or tanning it can't do it's job.

Taking care of my skin is at the top of my to do list everyday. It's more important than most people realize. Sunscreen keeps your skin safe and beautiful. Don't forget it when you're going to the beach or spending any long amount of time outside, especially in the summer. You need sunscreen when it's cloudy too, that doesn't stop the sun's rays, just sends them in different directions. Be careful!
You can keep your skin safe everyday by wearing a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 and an SPF of 30-50 when you're in harsh sun for long periods of time (like at the beach).
And if having healthy skin isn't appealing enough, using an SPF will prevent your skin from aging prematurely. You can't lose.

- Jess

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