European Adventures | Paris pt. 2

I am dedicating this post to the (outside of) Musée du Louvre...
aka the most beautiful building in the world.

As soon as I got to Paris and realized I was in the same city as this magnificent wonder of the world I got a bit emotional, it's true. I've probably said it a thousand times before, but I NEVER thought I would EVER be here. Walking around the city I was in a constant state of awe. Nothing has ever impressed me or intimidated me as much as the architecture in Paris. Someone built these buildings in their head and then made them real. I can't fathom how that works, I don't think my mind is capable. I've gained so much respect for architects and city planners. What they do is truly breathtaking.

Remember when Robert Langdon was here? I do.
I've always wanted to visited the Louvre, ALWAYS. In school I always chose the Louvre as my project topic if it was possible. I probably know more about the building than most people, but I still don't know everything. I still want to know more! 
I didn't have a lot of time in Paris. We were only there for a weekend and a lot of the time was planned outings. I knew I was not going to visit the inside of the Louvre. I love museums. I could probably spend the rest of my life in one and be happy. I didn't want to rush through what is probably the most famous (and potentially largest) museum ever. I bet I could spend a week in there and still not see and take time to appreciate everything. 
So, I settled for only seeing the outside and OMG it was not settling. Have you seen the outside of the Louvre? Exquisite!
You probably already know this, but the Louvre is a MUST SEE in Paris. 

When you're too excited to do anything cool...
Everything's better with a selfie and Rimmel 107
That detail though *heart eyes*
I'm planning on going back to Paris before I leave France if only to go inside the Louvre. I can't miss the opportunity while I'm so close. 

- Jess 

Fun Fact: This was the day I was mistaken for a Parisian, twice. That façade was ruined as soon as I spoke, oops.


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