European Adventures | London

I've wanted to come to Europe for as long as I can remember.
I never thought I would make it out of the United States.
So much has stood in my way for so long, but 2015 is my year. 

I made it!

I've been in Europe for a week now and I've visited Nice, Monaco, London, and Brighton. Too much has happened to include altogether, so let's start with London.

The classic tourist spots could not be missed on my first trip. 
I made it to Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace in one afternoon. I'll admit I wasn't expecting everything to be as amazing as I've always imagined. I thought I'd built it all up too much to be wowed, but I've never been more wrong. 
London is BEAUTIFUL.

The realization that Big Ben is actually real

The London Eye
Westminster Abbey (not even the scaffolding could ruin it)
Buckingham Palace
Victoria Memorial Fountain
After fangirling over the royals this trip needed a bit of substance and learning.
That's where the Cabinet War Rooms come in. 
This is where Winston Churchill, his many advisors, some heads of state, and even his wife (sometimes) gathered during WWII and the bombings of London to strategize and defeat the Nazis.
I would definitely classify this as a can't miss attraction in London. There is so much history and it was hidden for a long time, not open to the public until 40 years after WWII. 

The last stop before heading to Brighton was obvious. I couldn't leave London without visiting Platform 9 3/4. The Harry Potter series was my life as I child. I read all of the books, saw all of the movies, and pretended I went to Hogwarts. 
As you can see, hopefully, I'm in the Slytherin scarf. I don't like to pretend that I'd be a Gryffindor, because I wouldn't. There are a lot of negative opinions about Slytherins, but they are truly my people. 

I had SO MUCH fun in London. I'm hoping to make it back again before leaving Europe. There were so many things I wasn't able to discover and so many food places I have yet to try. (I did fit in a cheeky Nando's though.)

- Jess


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