European Adventures | Brighton

My next stop in England was Brighton.
This is my new favorite place in the whole world. I never knew how much I needed the sea in my life until I spent some time here. I know when people plan to go to England London is at the top of their list of cities to visit, for a good reason as it's the capital, but Brighton should be at the top too.

Ice cream at Boho Gelato was the first stop.
The sea was the second.
I could sit out here for hours (I did).
The coolest souvenir shop was at the Brighton Pier.
Will someone please (!) explain the mushy pea obsession?
I never actually got to try them so they could be delicious, but they look like baby vomit (it's the truth). 
The Royal Pavillion
The Lanes
Go here for the cutest shops and the greatest treats in Brighton. 
You will find the world's greatest iced chai at Bluebird Tea Co.
& some of the cutest (cookie monster) cupcakes at Catwalk Cakes.
Brighton is GORGEOUS.
The city has so much to offer that I didn't even get to experience. 
While doing research I found that the night life is actually pretty amazing, but I wasn't there on the weekend (next time...). Brighton is also home to approximately a million coffee shops. Everyone knows that England is obsessed with tea, but it's got a pretty amazing coffee scene too. If you're ever in town check out Coffee@33 by the train station or Ground Coffee House by Pizzaface. You won't regret it.

- Jess


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